Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber (Non-partisan)

Last night against my better judgment I watched the Presidential debates. Usually I just wait to see what the news corp picks up on and anything truly noteworthy will be on "The Daily Show" or "The Colbert Report."

Apparently, Joe the plumber seems to be the only one voting this year. I thought Joe the Plumber was an expression like Joe Six-Pack. Then in the recap afterward they explained that he was an actual voter who had asked Obama a question about how the democrats would help him - the small business guy. McCain was all over this. 21 times he mentioned poor Joe while Obama only mentioned him 5 times.

They had Mr. the Plumber aka Joe Wurzelbacher on "Good Morning America" and he said it was surreal to have the future president (either one) speaking to him directly on national television.

Poor Joe. Surreal hasn't even begun yet. See there is the beast collectively known as the 24-hour news networks. This beast is always awake and always hungry. It camped out on his front lawn and surrounded him with cameras and microphones while he tried to do his normal routine and all the tv news interviews that called and scheduled with him the moment he was mentioned in the debates last night. The ones that weren't on his lawn were researching and finding out things about him.

For instance, it turns out that Joe doesn't have a plumber license. Joe might not be able to vote because there are some questionable issues with him being listed under different spellings that are causing people to be booted off in belief they might be fraud. Oh and he didn't pay his taxes last year and has a lien on his house.

I think that it's kind of cruel to put a citizen up for public display like this. He didn't ask to be referenced so many times by both parties. He was just a republican asking a democrat what he would do for him if he won.

However, he has taken the ball and ran with it by having his own press conference and getting himself on all the news networks. So now all is fair in love and pundits.

I can't wait for the Daily Show to come on. Is it 11p yet?

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