Friday, September 26, 2008

Television: Grey's Anatomy

Since this week I have talked about a book and a movie, it's only fitting I talk about a television show as well.

I discovered Grey's after their Superbowl episode which was about halfway through season 2 and have been watching ever since.

I've had a lot of time to kill and I just finished re-watching the entire series (4 seasons) in preparation for last night's season premiere. I also listened to all the commentary tracks and watched all the special features. I did this while crocheting so I watch actually doing something (2 and half baby blankets so far).

It's a work place drama more than a medical show and can get kind of silly at times. They try to pick medical cases that go along with what is happening with the characters. The show has been on some shaky ground lately because of some lame storylines and lots of off camera drama.

On the season premiere last night, the hospital finds it has slipped in the ratings and is no longer the number one teaching hospital. The chief at the end of the show puts everyone on notice and says that they are stepping up everyone's game. The creator of the series basically said the same thing on the writer's blog about the show. This is now season 5 and they have been resting on their laurels and need to get back to what they do best.

Personally, I thought they did a great job with this episode. They did this weird thing with these dream sequences, but overall I thought the episode was great. The opening scene was just cruel to the fans even if you know it is a dream sequence.

I should also mention that the series has awesome music. I'm a huge fan. I have all the soundtracks and have been looking up the other music that was in the show as well. I discovered a lot of artists from this show. Even if you don't like the series, check out the soundtracks.

P.S. For any of my Disney friends reading this who can get DVDs for free, I don't have season 4 on DVD. I just have it off iTunes and would love to get it for my birthday (9/28). It'll only cost you shipping. This concludes my birthday greediness.

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