Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moving on Up...

to a deluxe temp assignment in the sky (or 39th floor, as the case may be).

In these economic times, there is only one place for me to work - WaMu! So not kidding. I got fingerprinted yesterday and start on Monday. It's a temp to perm position to last about 10 months. It's actually a good time there for temps because they aren't going to be hiring anyone for a while, but work needs to be done. I even got an extra dollar more an hour that what they offered.

I'm basically going to be the point person and/or concierge for the ecommerce department. I take care of all the day to day stuff like supplies, booking conference rooms, getting people computers, bugging IT, on boarding people into the system, organizing birthdays and potlucks. Basically, all the things assistants find annoying to do. I have to know who everyone on the floor is and handle any problems. Seems like an ideal job for me. I got the job 37 minutes after interviewing despite them saying they had more people to interview with.

I think it'll be fun and I'm saving money off the bat because you have to take the bus there. Parking downtown is expensive as all hell much like in downtown Chicago. I'll have a nice 20 minute bus ride to and from work and have to walk about 2-3 blocks total.

It'll be nice not working at Amazon anymore. I love my supervisor, but being yelled at everyday by irate people you can't do anything for is no fun. Although, I will miss my crazy guy who calls in to tell us that the CEO of Amazon has the same hat as his dad did in a 1977 film.

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