Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dating and Me

I didn't date much in LA. I want to try and fix that. I'm always reminded of this one "Simpsons" quote when it comes to dating. This woman was explaining speed dating and someone asked "Is that how you met your husband?" and she responded "God, no. We were introduced through friends like normal people." Just kind of cracks me up.

I thought I'd share some recaps of some memorable dates I had in LA. I'd share the unmemorable ones too, but I don't remember any. I have changed all the names to Jeff to protect the innocent, the guilty and the ones I don't remember their names. I'll put in parentheses how I met them.

First date I went on in LA was with Jeff #1 ( We went to the 3rd street promenade for dinner and then played air hockey. Advice from my co-workers before the date was if we played any games, I should let him win. I tried really hard, but the dude sucked at air hockey. End of the evening we said our farewells and neither of us made contact.

Jeff #2 ( and I did a movie marathon day together at the AMC theaters in Burbank. We saw "Swordfish," "Lost in Space," "Evolution." He bought the movies and I bought snacks and food. Ended the day deciding to be friends. We hung out a few times after that and then eventually lost touch.

Jeff #3 ( and I had lunch in the middle of the day in Pasadena. There was no chemistry at all. I tried to split the bill with him and he got kind of mad at me. We said our farewells and neither of us made contact.

Jeff #4 ( should barely count. We were talking and made an impromptu to decision to just go meet for coffee at 10p since he had to walk his dog. We met talked for about 30 mins and then neither of us made contact again.

Jeff #5 (eHarmony) took me to see "Panic Room" and eat in the food court on a Sunday. I had already seen the movie and this guy was just not for me at all. He had been kicked out of the military for insubordination and he was just plain weird. End of the night we went our separate ways and neither of us made contact.

Jeff #6 (through a friend at a party) - I didn't know was a date until after the fact and still am unclear if it actual was or not. We met up for lunch on a Sunday. We were talking and then I started getting the sinking feeling this was a date. I thought he was nice enough, but no chemistry there. We hung out as friends and he called a lot, but eventually we lost track intentionally.

Jeff #7 (through friends) and I went out to an Irish Pub for dinner and drinks. It was supposed to be a date, but his best friend got laid off that day and it was more about cheering his friend up which I was happy to help. The next date was a double date with that same friend and his girlfriend. After that, we just hung out more than anything when we each found the time. Eventually, we went our separate ways, but still kept in touch.

Jeff #8 (eHarmony) and I met up at the Arclight to see "Matador" and have dinner. It was a good movie, but he wasn't much of a conversationalist. End of the night we went our separate ways and neither of us made contact.

Jeff #9 (eHarmony) only had Mondays off with his job so we went to a bar and grill and watched Monday night football and played pool. It was a great date, but there was no chemistry at all. We parted saying we could maybe hang out as friends. I emailed him the next day about hanging out and he responded back that maybe we should do that and then never heard from him. No great loss.

Pretty much have had zero to no chemistry with a lot of guys in LA. My dating in Chicago went much better and those guys were far more interesting, but I met them through classes and in person so it was different. I have high hopes for Seattle since that is much more like Chicago than LA. Thank goodness.

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Note to self: Dating a guy named Jeff is a no-no! :-D