Monday, September 1, 2008

3 Day Weekend

Not much to report I'm afraid. My friend, James (pictured below), was in town for a convention so I hung out with him and his cousin and his cousin's girlfriend. We saw Tropic Thunder (second time for me and first for the rest of them), ate Vietnamese, Japanese and then Chinese food, showed them my place and my neighborhood and then James headed back home.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning, doing bills, downloading the Dr. Horrible soundtrack off iTunes (available now!), downloading some Eels songs and finally walking all the way around the lake listening to said downloaded songs.

Back to work at Amazon tomorrow. Not sure how long they are going to keep me. Waiting to hear on stage 4 of the 5 stage interviewing process and figuring out what the next stages should be work wise.

Started another book I got as a gift on my birthday and still looking for my Houdini book. It just disappeared out of the box I had it in. Other than that all is quiet on the northwestern front.

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