Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Turning the Page...

Since I got to Seattle, I've been reading more.

Many moons ago I started reading a comic book series called "Fables." I got behind and stopped picking them up. I mentioned this to my friend Tracy and for Christmas she hooked me up with a bunch of the graphic novels. I haven't had a chance to actually read them until now. Thanks Tracy!

"Fables” written by Bill Willingham and published by Vertigo Comics (subsidiary of DC). It takes place in present day in the real world where all of the fairy tale characters you know and love are forced to take up residence in our world. They were chased from their lands by someone called the "Adversary" and have been living here in exile for generations. They have a community in New York called "Fabletown" and they have a farm upstate for the characters that can't pass as human. The characters are seemingly immortal and gain magical protection from their popularity among non-fairy tale folk. There are tons of references to all kinds of fairy tales. King Cole is running the place, but Snow White is really in charge. The big bad wolf is now reformed and he can take human form and goes by the name Bigby. He also is crushing on Snow. I read up to the part where the Adversary has been revealed, there has been a births, deaths, marriages, battles and just awesome storylines. I recommend highly.

Next up I just finished "Things the Grandchild Should Know" by Mark Oliver Everett. I got this from Amazon for free. It's due to come out in November in hardback. It's autobiography about his life. Mark also known as "E" was raised in an odd family where he used music as his escape and later formed the band the Eels. He lost his dad to a heart attack, his sister to suicide and his mom to cancer. So it's an upbeat story. He's actually surprising stable considering all that he has been through.

That's my reading list so far.


Yokel (TKS) said...

Welcome to Seattle! Reading season is upon us, and you're in perfect bookish territory, with lots of cozy rainy days and steamin' hot lattes ahead.

Tamara Sellman

Britt Schramm said...

Fables is awesome. Another Vertigo book that came out around the same time as fables is 100 Bullets, which is another great read but better in longer form to see the whole picture.