Thursday, August 28, 2008

My desire to work for has been cured

The cure was a simple fact. They pay monthly. *shudders* I've been paid weekly for so long that concept is totally foreign. However, the idea of working for an entire month without pay is what I just can't do especially considering how low they pay. I had the phone interview on Tuesday and it didn't go great. The person interviewing me seemed very hostile saying things like "Explain how you got from one job to the next," "Tell me how you went above and beyond to prepare for today and explain why you deserve to work here" and my favorite "You moved here without a job? What on earth what were you thinking?" Never asked me about what I did or how I work or anything. Very strange.

I'm at stage 3 of 5 of the interviewing process for a position in an IT/Software company. I'd be working for a VP named Kevin. For those unaware, I worked for 5 years for a VP named Kevin and (at the time) a Director named Kevin. At least, I wouldn't have to worry about calling him the wrong name. I've nailed the first 3 stages pretty well and the pay would be comparable to what I was making at Disney. They are a branch off of Microsoft and located in Redmond which would be a pretty commute from my place.

Aside from that, no movement on any of the other jobs. Fun, fun.

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VforVitale said...

Reminds me of my trials and tribulations while trying to get someone - anyone - at DC to talk to me! Keep your nose to the grindstone!

In other news, I checked out that zombie play your friend wrote, I took a high school kid I'm mentoring. It was undead fun!