Monday, July 21, 2008

Spoiled Me Rotten

I have previously alluded to the fact that I got spoiled rotten with gifts at my work going away party. I figured I should take the time to do some show and tell of the actual gifts.

Before I begin, I should explain that there is a wonderful show on Monday nights on ABC Family called "Middleman." It is "Men in Black" with "Gilmore Girls" dialog, "Spaced" references and Steam/NASA Punk gadgets. Knowing my readers, half of you got half of those references. Oh and I work...err...worked for ABC Family. Those pieces of information help the below list of gifts.

You would think that those previous bits of awesomeness would be enough, but they couldn't stop there. They continued with the gifts by making me a "Seattle Survival Basket" which included the following items:

(1) Mickey Mouse umbrella
(2) CDs of Grunge/Seattle Music from "Buzz Cuts"
(2) CDs of Grunge/Seattle Music that was put together by SueAnn personally
(3) DVDs of Ratatouille, Pixar's short films and Who Framed Roger Rabbit
(2) Books: Pike's Place Market Cookbook and Oregon/Washington Tour Book
(1) Map of Seattle
(1) Starbucks Gift card
(1) Visa Gift card for Gas Money
(5) Target Gift cards
(11) Coupons for various shopping outlets and touristy places
(1) Really cool basket that it all went into

In addition to that, some co-workers got separate gifts which include:

A Book of Disney Comics from the early days
A Mickey Mouse Umbrella and Coffee Mug
A Disney Messenger Bag
A 12 volt Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

I think you can see why I wanted to do a separate post to show off all my gifts. They all went above and beyond the call of duty on this and really spoiled me rotten. Aside from my many thanks and the bag of bagels I brought in the next morning, I really don't know where to begin to thank everyone for all that they have done for me here. Not just in these gifts, but their sincere and sweet sentiments they have expressed to me these last few weeks/days.

And for the record, yes, I know I said awesome a lot in the videos. Can't help it. Everything about those gifts and the people behind them is awesome. And yes, I also know I'm a big dork.

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