Friday, July 18, 2008

My last day on the job...

Today is my last day working for the business and legal affairs department for Disney ABC Cable Networks Group. At the end of the day, I will be unemployed.

I started off as a temp for one week at Christmas time in 2002. They brought me back as a temp in March of 2003 on a 6 month assignment. I began working for KC and KE in July of 2003 and they officially hired me in early December of that year. Later, KE would get his own assistant and I worked solely for KC.

I liked my job and love my co-workers. I would have continued to work there if I were staying in Los Angeles. My co-workers so rock. Did you see my post about my going away party? Wait until you see what they got me.

I don't feel like I'm really leaving there because I'm still going to be in touch with most of them. I mean I still talk to people I went to grade school with for petesake. I will keep up with anyone who wants to keep up with me. My Christmas card list for this year is going to be huge! My hand is starting to cramp just thinking about it.

I really work with a lot of good people and I'm not just saying that because I sent a bunch of them the link to this blog. Today will be a happy sad.

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