Saturday, March 1, 2008

Why Seattle and Not Another City?

I found a great article called "10 Reasons People Move to Seattle" which pretty much sums up my various reasons on why Seattle. I took the ones I agreed with and added some of my own. Here they are in random order:

1. No State Income Tax – This was a nice plus when I heard this. I looked at my paycheck and that would basically be an extra $30 every week! Sweet.

2. Nature – I've always been more of a mountain girl than a beach girl. I've never been a huge fan of the beach aside from watching sunsets and I can count the times on one hand that I've actually done that since moving here.

3. Job – Disney is up there not to mention Google, Amazon and Microsoft. It's a booming place for geeks right now. I can be with my own kind.

4. City LifeDespite Seattle being so much smaller than Los Angeles or Chicago, it has tons going on in the way of museums and a music scene.

5. Public Transportation– I miss public transportation. I really do and Seattle has it in abundance. The mayor wants all city employees using public transportation solely as of 2010.

6. Weather – They actually have weather. Not just sunny and 70 year round. Sure there is rain, but I love rain.

7. Sports - The actually have a professional football team there. I could actually see my Bears play in person. I'll be beaten to death by Seahawk fans for cheering and screaming "Go Bears!" but I'm willing to risk that. Sadly, they don't have pro-hockey, but an hour and half away and I can be in Canada watching a game in the land of hockey.

8. Internet Mecca - Seattle is the most wireless city in the world. All I need is a laptop and I can be on the Internet anywhere in the city. Yes, it's like riding a stationary bike in a park, but still.

9. Housing Market - It's half of what it is in Los Angeles. I can actually afford to get my own one-bedroom place for what I am paying for my half of my current apartment. I could maybe even be able to afford to buy a house some day. Dare to dream!

I think you can see why this city works for a geek like myself more so than other cities. I know Austin is a booming town as well right now, but I can't stand the heat. Plus, Texas has mosquitoes the size of Volkswagens. I prefer the colder climate, thank you very much.

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hannah rieu said...

I have one to add:

"Seattle is listed as one of the top cities in the U.S. to find an educated, eligible male age 35 and over.