Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here?

When last we spoke, the universe had been telling me to take a hike and go to Seattle. Having learned the hard way not to ignore the universe, I have made the decision to move. So now what?

First, I need to decide when this move will occur. Well, you may have noticed by the countdown clock to the right, I have already made that decision. I will be pulling up stakes on August 3, 2008. Why then? My lease is up August 1st and my friends (James and Weena) are getting married here on August 2nd. Therefore, the following day seemed like the most logical choice.

Next, much like the the Cylons (see "Battlestar Galactica"), I need a plan. Thankfully, I'm a pretty organized person and am good at making plans. I need to break the big picture down into categories and break those categories into sections. So here is my rough outline:

Category One: Leaving Los Angeles
Sections: Things I Want to Do/See/Go Before I Leave

Category Two: Transitioning
Sections: Getting stuff/car from CA to WA
Looking for Job/Apartment
Research, Research, Research

Category Three: Settling into Seattle
Sections: Unpacking/Organizing/Cleaning/Decorating
Exploring/More Research

The step after that is to make to do lists for each section. On another site (I'll tell you about that later), I have already started making these lists. As I do the various items, I will post about them here. I will try and spare you a detailed post on the organization of my sock drawer, but not the decluttering of my kitchen.

I hope this will serve as a helpful guide to others moving as well as insight into my freaky mind as to how and why I do the things I do. I'll try and make sure I post the good with the bad. Also, I encourage people to post comments especially pointing out any flaws in my logic, things I have forgotten or suggestion you might have to help. Constructive criticism only, please. "You and your sock drawer suck." Doesn't really help me.

This should give you a vague enough idea as to the kinds of posts you'll be finding here about the move. Please come back again and check my progress!


Chris Ryall said...

You're not moving until AFTER Comicon, though right...? I will see you back down here in July?

Kathy Bugajsky said...

I'm not sure about Comicon yet. Most likely if I go, it'll only be for a day. It's the week before I leave and I'll have a lot to do. I'll try and come down before I leave where it's Comicon or not.