Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Gotta Be Me!

I just wanted to note something before the real posting begins. By real, I mean the posts with some meat to them and not just introductions and warnings about my wacky ways.

While I will be posting mostly about the move, mostly, I will also be posting about my various geeky tendencies and random things I come across in my everyday life. My waking moments aren't all occupied with thoughts of the move. I will still be seeing movies, surfing the internets, reading books, having adventures with friends and watching television.

I have been called a walking billboard as I love telling people about cool stuff I come across. You will be spared no awesomeness that comes my way. I do also like to warn people of the less-than-awesome things that unfortunately cross my path. You will no doubt hear about that too. Hopefully, there will be more good than bad.

I trust that you will come back for the posts about the move and stay for the geekiness that will inevitably ensue.

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