Sunday, March 27, 2016

Batman versus Superman: My Issue

I did not enjoy Batman versus Superman. There are numerous issues that I could individually address, but that is not important as what is wrong with it at its core.

Batman and Superman have existed in the world of comics, movies, and television for the better part of a full century at this point. Fans have their reasons for liking one more than the other or both equally. This is because, for all of their individual faults, their crime fighting methods work for the world the inhabit. Batman fights psychotic criminals and Superman fights aliens. It makes sense they would operate in vastly different ways. Superman was orphaned out of love by his parents making a sacrifice and then was raised by a loving couple. Batman was orphaned out of crime and raised by a single man who was both an employee and family friend. This also plays to how differently they view the world. Aaron Sorkin said on the commentary track for 'Steve Jobs,' "I love writing arguments where both people are right." This is what the movie should have been.

Within the movie, there is no difference between Lex and Batman except that they are relying on audiences to know that one is a good guy and one is a bad guy. The movie has Batman and Lex doing the same things for the exact same reasons. Their methods are only slightly different. It isn't a matter of seeing both sides of the argument between Batman and Superman. You don't. By the time they are on the same side, the movie is more than 75% over and the reason is insanely ridiculous. If they had established that Batman was under Lex's control the entire time and Superman used the word to break that spell, it would have made more sense than what they tried to explain in this movie.

Batman operates in the most un-Batman-like way possible. To a point where even Wonder Woman questions him and his answer is so lame she litterally doesn't speak to him for the rest of the fight. Well, in my head, that was the reason they stopped speaking.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, she was the most redeeming part when she was fighting. She held her own and was actually doing better than either of them for most of the fight. Now, how she could be out of the world of men for 100 years and yet understand government encryption technology, makes as much sense as her flying commerically.

Like I said before, there are countless issues with the movie which can be forgiven for the sake of the movie's plot. However, nothing can forgive their failure to do justice to any of the characters in this movie.

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