Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Month In Netflix

Veronica Mars: Season 3

I completely understand why the show got canceled now. The season suffers from "Hero-itis." It is a terminal condition that results in listening to it own fans. This season differs from the previous seasons by not having one overall case/story arc, they make her more fallible and made the mysteries more solvable for the fans to figure out. All of those things make that completely unbearable to watch. It took away all the things that made the show fun. The only redeeming thing about the whole season is the character of Logan. He makes all the wrong choices in some awesome ways. Pretty much beats everyone who hurts Veronica into a bloody pulp. Aside from Logan, all the other characters are thrown to the wayside and used as plot devices. The previous seasons at least had given them some personality.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Season 1

A Showtime series based on a book/blog of a high priced London call girl. There are just 8 half hour episodes and they contain the usual amounts of cable channel sex. It's pretty funny and shows inside to a world people imagine to be very different. The main actress was a Doctor Who companion for two seasons and she is a former Brit pop singer. She does sleep with the current Doctor, Matt Smith, in one of the episodes which is just funny solely for that reason. There are two more seasons and I believe it is currently still being made. I'm enjoying it and want to pick up the book at some point.

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