Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pack Mentality

When new technology comes out, there are people who embrace it quickly and willingly. Most commonly know as "Early Adopters." The opposite of this are people who resist change and don't know nor care about technology. These people are known as "Twelve O'clock Flashers." Meaning that most of the appliances in their house are flashing 12:00.

I like to think that I'm in the middle. I'm not overly thrilled about running into an open field where there could be landmines or cow pies. I consider myself an "adopter." I have friends and family on both ends of the spectrum.

My resistance to iPads is fading. I'm not getting one just yet because the announcements for iPad2 and all the other competitors are being announced. I'm thinking by the end of summer, I'll end up getting one.

I'm still resisting on the smart phones. I know. Why, right? I just don't like the idea of being dependent on one device to do everything. It feels wrong, but I'm slowly getting over it. It's like (and I'm about to make an extremely geek filled comparison and I apologize in advance for geeking all over you) when I played Dungeons & Dragons. The character I played was a fighter, who absolutely detested magic of any kind, and made fun of all the characters that used it. However, the moment she was wounded, grabbed one of them by the throat and insist that they use magic to heal her. (end of geeking)

There is a Tripod song that sums up my thoughts called "Always Getting Into Stuff." The line is "I'm not ahead of the pack. I'm just with the pack. Toward the back." The whole song is below if you want to listen.

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