Monday, January 3, 2011

The CEO of Me

First off, Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all are enjoying 2011 so far. Before I list my resolutions, as is customary in the new year, I wanted to explain a bit what the motivation is behind a chunk of them.

The Seattle Times has this article called "A to-do list for the CEO of your career" which I found through Facebook from my friend, Tamara Sellman. There wasn't much to the article, but it's one of those seeds that took root for me.

This year and decade are really about taking my photography from hobbyist to professional. Starting an MFA program at the end of the month certainly will help that a long. I need to think of myself as a photographer and a business which means marketing, PR and other things I don't enjoy doing. I prefer showing and doing to talking about it. I'm rubbish about talking myself up. I heard a great way to describe some artists. They are egomaniacs with low self esteem. For example, "Look at the awesome picture. Isn't it great? Yea. Here's what I would do to change it to make it better. Sorry. Nevermind. Come back for my next super awesome photo."

For the record, the last idea like this was when I adopted James Gunn's "Yes" Binge. It was the say "yes" to everything you normally would either waiver on or say "no" too. You can still say "no" to things that were always a "no" like skydiving, but it's more for things like do you want to go to a demolition derby? This lead to me saying "yes" to a demolition derby where I took pictures and fell back in love with photography as well as met Linda Webster who introduced me to Seattle. So basically, I am a photographer living in Seattle because of this idea. So, let's see where this CEO idea can take me.

My next post will have my resolutions which will flush some of these ideas out more (I hope).

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