Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ups & Downs of the End of the Year

The end of this year has brought some good and bad news in the lives of my friends.

The best news came from my friend and former co-worker at Disney. I called to check in with her and found her in Phoenix. She was in Phoenix because after a two year long wait, her husband finally got the kidney and pancreas he desperately needed. He had been doing dialysis three times a week for what seemed like eons. Everything has been going well and it looks like he will no longer be diabetic. So very happy for them.

In a very modern method, another friend announced her engagement via changing her Facebook status. I look forward to getting all the details. An email came from another friend confirming my address so I can get her invitation to her wedding. It appears that next year will be a year of weddings and engagements.

With the good, there is also bad. A friend's mom had her cancer come back and go from stage four to terminal. I've met her a couple of times and she is a very nice lady. My friend lost her dad to cancer around ten years ago so this is extra hard especially being an only child.

I started working my temp assignment in mid-October and have made a few friends that make the job more than bearable. One of them, Kayt, was a fellow geek. She recognized the code on my bag as being from Donnie Darko and we were trading DVDs. We were both big Aaron Sorkin fans so I lent her my Studio 60 series and she was lending me her West Wings. Then one day without warning, she didn't show up for work. I called and left her a message and sent an email and got no response. The next day, my boss pulled myself and my friend, Les, aside to let us know that Kayt had passed away over the weekend. Kayt's friend, Kathi, wanted to make sure we were aware since Kayt had talked about us the most and considered us friends. No one was really sure what had happened, but Kathi asked them to give her number to me. I spoke with her and found out they had found a note. It was very sad. Kathi is organizing a memorial for some time in January. We were talking about bowling so I'm going to try and organize a bowling outing for those of us who had worked with her. Kayt was good people and is missed.

The saddest for me was the passing of Scott Reside. I knew Scott and his partner, John, through my friends, Ted and Larry, in Los Angeles. Scott and John were my buddies at Ted and Larry's parties and on trips to Disneyland. They came to my going away party and were always high on my Christmas card list. Scott was diagnosed with cancer in July 2009. He was fighting and winning for a bit. However, an aneurysm took his life in mid-November. I didn't know about it until I noticed some odd references on Facebook. I was and am pretty saddened by it. There was a loving article written about him HERE if you want to read more about him and his awesomeness. Here are my two favorite photos of him (and John) from my going away party and from one of Ted & Larry's Halloween parties, respectively.

John, Me and Scott

Scott and John

There are two sets of people when it comes to declaring a decade over. Those that believe it begins on the zero and those on the one. I'm leaning toward the later at the moment so I can believe that 2011 is the beginning of a new decade and therefore a new era.

As the often re-written sentiment goes, "May the best of last year, be the worst of this year."

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