Monday, December 27, 2010

Podcast Catch Up

I have been very neglectful in listening to podcasts last year. For those of you who are not aware, a podcast is like a radio show that is available for free to download. You can get them off a website, but I use iTunes as it is infinitely easier.

There are three podcasts that I decided to get caught up on.

NPR's All Songs Considered: LINK HERE
This hosted by Bob Boylin and Robin Hilton. They put together shows that last anywhere from 20-90 minutes. Some shows have themes and some are just music they want to share. If they can get permission to play the whole song, they will. There is a blog that links to a lot of who they talk about and other news. I've discovered a bunch of bands/musicians through them including: Florence and the Machine, Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend, Sam Phillips, Artic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Decemberists, etc. They do round tables with two other people (Carrie Brownstein and Stephen Thompson) for end of the year shows and shows about South by Southwest. I don't agree with them on a lot of things, but it's good to hear music I normally wouldn't even notice.

This Week In Photography (aka: TWiP): LINK HERE
This is hosted by Frederick van Johnson and he brings various people on depending on the show. Sometimes the shows are a round table and sometimes just an interview. They talk about photography news, gear and answer listener questions. It's a good show for the most part. Sometimes they are on the snobby side about their love of their Cannon or Nikon camera gear. I do like their discussions on photographer rights which they seem to talk about a lot. They have sponsors that they reference throughout. Their seemly constant references to the iPad are slowly working on me. I get how they would be very useful to a photographer.

Photofocus: LINK HERE
This is hosted by Scott Bourne. Scott brings on a guest and they both answer listener questions. It's very techy at times and 90% doesn't apply to me so far, but I always walk away from an episode either learning something or thinking about something in a new way. They too have sponsors, but their sponsors are all services I would actually use. Scott photographs birds and wildlife so he answers a lot of questions about that.

I listened to all the episodes of Photofocus and cherry picked episodes of TWiP and All Songs from the year. It was a little over 40 hours of listening all told. Thankfully, I have a job where I could listen to all of them while I worked. I was caught up in about a week and a half.

One of my many goals for the New Year is staying on top of at least these three and adding more as needed.

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