Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hello? Is Anyone in Here?

The door creaks open and a splinter of light shines in. Everything is completely covered in dust, the plants are all dead and the my god what is that smell?

Yes, I have abandoned this blog for quite some time. October is when my day job got super busy and didn't let up until mid-January. Then my photography projects started picking up. I'm actually kind of busy right now, but I thought I would do some posting to let you know I was alive at least.

I think I was too ambitious before trying to blog five days a week. I think I need to just write when I have something to tell you or when I'm in the mood to write. At this moment, that's actually quite a bit of stuff. So I can't guarantee a schedule, but I will try to let you know all the stuff that's been going on.

I think I'm going to tweak this layout a bit as well and update a few things. Stay tuned. I promise I'll be back in less than 6 months. I hope.

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