Monday, July 6, 2009

Great News!!!

As some of you may know, I participated in a 24-Hour Photography endurance event called "Long Shot." I had to take at least one photo an hour between the hours 6p on June 19th to 6p on June 20th. I then submitted my top 24 pictures. There were 100 photographers submitted 24 photos each. The reward for this is 24 photos would be chosen to be hung in a gallery on July 16th and then all of them to be sold by the end of the night for charity. I submitted my 24 photos on June 26th and they made the announcement as to which photos were chosen on Friday, July 3rd.

Out of 2400 photos, one of mine was one of the 24 chosen! It will be displayed on July 16th at Ouch My Eye Studio.

I put the winning photo in its own separate album, but you can see all the photos I have taken recently HERE.

If you are on Facebook, I decided to start a separate page for my photography: HERE. This way I can send strangers and random people to check it out and keep my random photography news separate.

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