Friday, July 31, 2009

Finished the D's

Dan In Real Life (I like this movie)
Daredevil (I only own this for the special feature. I tried re-watching and it just hurt)
Dave (Classic)
Dawn of the Dead (The opening sequence of this movie is still pure awesome)
Days of Thunder (Guilty Pleasure)
De-Lovely (Movie has its flaws, but the music is awesome)
Dead Again (I still love this movie despite its slight campiness)
Dead Poet's Society (Carpe Diem!)
Dear God (Another Christmas movie in July)
Death At A Funeral (Not as good as Frank Oz's other movies, but still good)
The Departed (Scorsese still has it after all these years)
The Devil Wears Prada (I love this movie)
The Devil's Advocate (Another guilty pleasure)
Die Hard (Yet another Christmas movie)
The Directors: James Cameron (Nice documentary on Cameron I got for $1)
Dogma (Catholicism Wow!)
Donnie Darko (Cult Classic)
Dragnet (Guilty Pleasure from 1980s)

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