Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend of Productivity

This past weekend I declared it to be a "Weekend of Productivity." I started by getting by at 7a on Saturday morning and drinking 2 cups of my industrial strength coffee on an empty stomach.

I made a to do list. I am big on to do lists and like checking things off as I go. Sometimes, I put things on there just so I can check them off and get some momentum going. I also need to add things like "eat lunch" otherwise, I can forget to stop and do that. Keeping that in mind, here are the things I accomplished this weekend (in no real order):

  1. Make to-do list
  2. Make list of projects that need to be done
  3. Make grocery list
  4. Make and drink coffee
  5. Eat lunch (sat)
  6. Eat lunch (sun)
  7. Eat dinner (sat)
  8. Eat dinner (sun)
  9. Sweep porch
  10. Vacuum living room
  11. Vacuum bedroom
  12. Sweep/wash kitchen floor
  13. Sweep/wash bathroom floor
  14. Dust
  15. Take out trash
  16. Take out recycling
  17. Clean bathroom (scrub tub included)
  18. Clean kitchen (cleaning microwave included)
  19. Clean refridgarator
  20. Mending (socks and shirts)
  21. Laundry - Wash, fold, iron & put away
  22. Change sheets & make bed
  23. Pay phone bill
  24. Change cell phone to local number
  25. Email everyone about the change
  26. Calls - 5 of them (1 plus hours each - on avg.)
  27. Emails - 10 of them (on the long side)
  28. Return emails that have been sitting in my inbox
  29. Sign up to volunteer for Seattle International Film Festival
  30. Catch up on blogging (20 entries)
  31. Costco
  32. Staples
  33. QFC (Grocery store)
  34. Home Depot
  35. Post Office
  36. Delete MySpace Account
  37. Go into work for 2 hours
  38. Chop onions, cucumbers and goat cheese so prepped for future salads
  39. Fix garage remote
  40. Defrag Computer
  41. Back up word documents and photos
  42. Watch YouTube subscription videos (only 2)
  43. Watch Hulu queued items (3 season finales, a week of Daily Show & Colbert report)
  44. Watch Caprica (Need to return to a friend whom I borrowed it)
  45. Watch Netflix ("Nobel Son" and "Man on Wire")
  46. Make May Mix Cds
  47. Download/Upload some new music
  48. Burn CDs
  49. Clean up iTunes by getting rid of duplicate music and stuff that is just sucking up space
  50. File bills
In addition, I slept and managed to fit in two naps. I love multi-tasking.

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