Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Week In Netflix

"Incendiary" (2008) Description from Netflix: Director Sharon Maguire's powerful drama stars Michelle Williams as an adulterous young housewife struggling to come to terms with the deaths of her husband and infant son after they're killed in a terrorist bombing at a London soccer game. Crippled by grief, the widow seeks comfort through affairs with two men (Ewan McGregor and Matthew Macfadyen), inadvertently putting herself in the midst of a dangerous love triangle.

I watched the trailer after I watched the movie and wish that the movie I watched was what was in the trailer. It was lame. Michelle Williams did a great British accent and Ewan was adorable - that's about the only good things I can say about it. Avoid!

"Last Chance Harvey" (2009) Description from Netflix: Dustin Hoffman stars in this romantic dramedy as Harvey Shine, a struggling jingle writer who risks losing his job to attend his daughter's London wedding, only to discover he is not exactly welcome at the ceremony. While seeking refuge in the airport bar, Harvey meets a lonely statistician named Kate (Emma Thompson) and soon finds himself happily thrust into an unexpected romance. Hoffman and Thompson both picked up Golden Globe nominations for their roles.

Very sweet movie. Good not great.

"Charlie Bartlett" (2007) Description from Netflix: This comedy follows the exploits of Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin), a miserable high school student who finds a novel way to fit in with his classmates: by pretending to be the school psychiatrist, dispensing advice and the occasional prescription medicine. Charlie's sympathetic ear and ready access to drugs make him popular with the students, but his activities soon attract the unwelcome attention of the school principal (Robert Downey Jr.).

I wanted to like this more. It was good, but I expected more from the characters. It also seemed to be a waste of Robert Downey, Jr. Anton was great as he was in Star Trek as well.

"Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired" (2008) Description from Netflix: Director Roman Polanski is the focus of this documentary that explores the tumultuous events of his personal life, including the murder of his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, and the sex scandal that prompted him to flee the United States for France. Interviews with Polanski's victim, Samantha Geimer, Chinatown screenwriter Robert Towne, actress Mia Farrow and others help to reveal the many sides of this controversial figure.

Recommend by a friend, it was a well made documentary. I never knew more than the basics about the case. I now have a very different view of what went down. I recommend it highly.

"Appaloosa" (2008) Description from Netflix: When a malicious, land-hungry rancher (Jeremy Irons) has the marshal and deputy of Appaloosa killed, two gunmen (Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris, who also directs) arrive and try to bring law and order back to the frontier town. But when a beautiful widow of uncertain convictions (Renée Zellweger) enters the picture, the stakes are raised and soon the lead flies. Lance Henriksen co-stars in this Western based on the novel by Robert B. Parker.

Very nicely done. Ed Harris did a great job directing. A little slow, but well acted and kept you interested. "3:10 to Yuma" is better, but this was still very good.

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