Monday, April 6, 2009

Emerald City Comicon

From wikipedia:

The Emerald City ComiCon is an annual comic book convention taking place in Seattle, Washington. Originally taking place at the city's Qwest Field (first at West Field Plaza, then at the Event Center), the venue changed to its current home at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center for its 2008 event.

The convention features a wide array of activities and programming including industry guests, various discussion panels, celebrity signings and photo opportunities, prize drawings, and costume contests. It features a large and lively Exhibitor's hall with comics retailers from across the entire pacific northwest bringing a large stock of modern and vintage comics, as well as other products such as statues, action figures, models, etc. CCG, RPG, and tabletop gaming is supported in specific areas of the convention center.

Unfortunately, I had an error on my memory card and lost a chunk of photos, but here are a few that survived:

The stereotype lives on.

Geek-In-Training with her Fantastic Four shirt

Wonder Twins Activate!

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