Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning

"Sunshine Cleaning" Description from Netflix (even though I saw it in the theater): Financially on shaky ground yet determined to send her son to a top private school, Rose Lorkowski (Amy Adams) teams up with her unreliable sister, Norah (Emily Blunt), to start a new company that specializes in biohazard removal and crime scene cleanup. Tired of doing all of the work for other people, whether in her job cleaning homes or in her failed relationships, Rose is finally ready to use her entrepreneurial spirit to tidy up her own life.

The movie itself is a little messy. It feels like there was a few scenes cut because there is a lot of missing information. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt are both amazing and make the movie watchable. I think it is trying to be "Little Miss Sunshine," which it is not. It tries to have the heart and the quirkiness, but falls short.

I would recommend this as a rental or to catch on cable.

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