Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Conference Call Haiku

Business calls are dull
Facts and figures are not great
Falling asleep here

Monotone voice drones
Percentages and pie charts
My mind wanders away

Staring at clip art
Crazy wipes and bullet points
All set to music

Always be selling
Ignore the economy
Denial in action

I could be working
Is this really productive?
Clients are waiting

Solutions Orientated
Seriously stop

They asked questions
This only makes it longer
What is wrong with them?

Click to continue
Power point presentations
Torture defined

Economy bleak
Happy to have a good job
This meeting's still dull

People are clapping
Surprised they are still awake
Why aren't we done yet?

Trying to focus
"Relationships are key"
It is not working

I have a pencil
Scribbling little figures
I wish I could draw

This is what happens when I have to be on a conference call for 3 hours.

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