Thursday, January 29, 2009

MI- 5 aka Spooks

In England, there is a series called "Spooks." When it plays here on BBCAmerica, it is called "MI-5." MI-5 is the British equivalent of the FBI and MI-6 is their CIA. For example, James Bond works for MI-6.

There are currently 6 seasons, which is roughly 62 episodes. I watched the first 4 seasons on Netflix Instant. I currently am in the middle of season 5 on DVD and looks like their is a bit of a wait for season 6.

The show is amazing. It is well written, well acted and I've found myself holding my breath on more than one occasion. There is a real sense of danger because they have no hesitation in killing off characters when the plot line calls for it. The first two seasons have a real sense both plot and characterization. Season three and four focused more on plot and now season five seems to be back on track.

I highly recommend checking out this series. There isn't a week episode so far which is impressive that it can keep the same level of intensity episode after episode. I also feel like they show the real wear and tear of being a spy would have on the characters over time.

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