Wednesday, January 21, 2009

25 Things About Me

On Facebook, people tag each other to post 25 random facts about themselves. Here is the list I posted that I thought you might enjoy:

1. While I have no issues with computers, I do not trust robots of any kind, including roombas.

2. My new favorite phrase is "thunder snow."

3. I am allergic to Christmas trees or as I like to call them "the itchy death."

4. Once when I was changing out of my candy striper uniform in a bathroom stall at the hospital, I was making my friend Natalie laugh by singing (terribly) the "Wanderer" by Dion. I did not hear the 10 or so other volunteers come in until they cheered and clapped when I was done. I did not leave the stall until they had all gone.

5. I think pop tastes best in glass bottles.

6. Despite my perpetual tomboy phase, I am an avid fan of all things Jane Austen.

7. I haven't had a cigarette in 9 years. I haven't had a cigar in 2 years.

8. There is not a single drop of musical ability in my blood. This includes trying to play Guitar Hero.

9. Twice I have locked my keys in the car and once was while I was at the LA DMV. The AAA operator laughed when I told her were I was so they could come help me.

10. I believe that cookie dough bought in the store should be eaten as cookie dough. If I want cookies, I will by them or make them from scratch.

11. I did not realize that your first confession was done face to face with a priest. I was so incredibly pissed about this, I lied to Father Fridel's face about my sins. I said that I had nothing to confess despite fighting with my parents hours earlier. I made him come up with suggestions as to what I might have done. I, eventually, picked one and said "sure." I was in second grade. I'm still pissed they didn't warn me about that.

12. On more than one occasion, I have fallen asleep face first in a book.

13. I never went through a dinosaur phase, a mummy phase, a unicorn phase, a barbie phase or a princess phase. I don't think this would surprise anyone.

14. When I am bored, I try to imagine if I were a professional photographer, how I would shoot various celebrities.

15. I have multiple contingency plans for every kind of disaster including zombies, aliens and as mentioned in #1 - robots.

16. Should I ever get married, my friend, Theresa, is completely in charge of it. All I care is that there is an open bar and that my dress have sleeves. I have never put any more thought on it than that.

17. Blue has remained my favorite color since I was little.

18. I have accidentally set one person on fire (technically just their hair and technically the candle did most of the work) and have not directed a film or video since. Upon telling this story to two other friends, a joke emerged of "set me on fire once..."

19. Music sounds best on vinyl.

20. When a friend of mine was little (long before he met me), he created a demon who ruins the ends of movies. He thought he was rather clever until he met me and realized I actually existed. For the record, I never mean to intentionally ruin the endings of movies, they just sort of blurt out. Solent green is people.

21. I have never written nor received a love letter.

22. I still own the first generation Nintendo and have it's original box. I even play Tetris on it every so often.

23. Far too many people have been taught to properly spell and pronounce my last name correctly for me to ever give it up. However, if his last name is Darcy, I would reconsider (see #6).

24. I usually don't do notes like this, but was in the mood and couldn't sleep.

25. This list will most likely be republished on my blog.

As you can see, all of the items are true especially #25.

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