Friday, December 12, 2008

Netflix Rankings

Netflix has started ranking it's members. The ranking is decided by a few factors (according to the website): number of highly helpful reviews (movies with few reviews provide most value), number of fans (people who have added you as a "Favorite") and movies added to queues from your personal pages. It also takes into effect how many movies you have rated and how many rentals you have.

You all want to know my rank, don't you? Well, to put it in perspective, here are some of my Netflix friend's ranks (Names omitted to protect the innocent and the non-innocent):

Friend A: 7,086,508
Friend B: 3,244,351
Friend C: 3,043,767
Friend D: 2,359,153
Friend E: 2,095,060
Friend F: 1,658,214
Friend G: 1,560,741
Friend H: 998,617
Friend I: 918,322
Friend J: 700,018
Friend K: 594,239
Friend L: 499,897
Friend M: 246,556
Friend N: 186,082
Friend O: 41, 471
Friend P: 16,592

So as you can see there are at least a little over 7 million Netflix users. So what is my rank out of all of these?

That would be
13,332. BOO YA!

My new goal is to break that 10,000 mark.

If you are not one of my Netflix buddies yet, you can be by clicking HERE.

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