Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Faith in humanity falling

When people apply for a job, they usually send an email. Before I even look at the body of the email, I see their email address. While "" or "" might be funny to use to send emails to friends that isn't going to help convince me these are quality people.

When I open the email and see their resume and their name is misspelled (you can tell by it being spelled two different ways in the email and/or resume itself), this also doesn't help.

If they have committed any crimes, there is a space to fill that in on the online application. Whether or not they tell us, we will find out about it when we run the background check. I think that if you have committed a crime, that you should be able to spell said crime. I cannot being to tell you how many people have committed "asalt" or got busted with "drug parafinelia." But the best ones are the ones that try to explain like "my dad's girlfriend yelled at me so I took her car."

I will then call them and tell them that they failed the background check. Some will argue with you telling you that it shouldn't be on there because they haven't gone to trial yet or it happened when they were under 18 and it is supposed to come off at 18. I explain it goes on their record when they are arrested ("Oh.") or that it takes seven years to come off and turning 18 has nothing to do with it ("Really? Huh.")

*sigh* One or more of these things happens every day. We are moving closer and closer to the movie "Idiotcracy" being a documentary with each passing day.


Jennifer said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh honey - I needed this today - thank you!

sxia said...

Um, I believe it's spelled Idiocrasy, no "T" in there.