Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Breaking the Pact

When I moved into my apartment, I realized that there are quite a few spiders living in and around my apartment building. I made a deal with them. They stay out of my space and I will stay out of theirs. They cross into my space and they take their lives into their own hands..err...legs.

If they made a web where I could see and or reach it, I would relocate the web but allow the spider to escape. One spider tried to test this theory by building a web in my bedroom doorway while I slept.

I haven't killed a single spider until the other night. One just dropped from the ceiling and into the sink while I was brushing my teeth. It was the kind with the really long legs. I gave him a chance to get out of the way, but alas he ended up going for a spin down the water slide that is my sink. Yes, I could have relocated him outside, but he broke the agreement and invaded my space.

Maybe he tripped, maybe he was attack and maybe he was on drugs, the world shall never know. For more of spiders on drugs:

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