Monday, November 10, 2008

Just A Movie

My drive to work consists of driving over the 520 bridge (aka Evergreen Point Floating Bridge) which is the longest floating bridge in the world which is 7,578 feet (2,310 meters). It's 2 lanes in each direction.

This morning there was a heavy fog with very little visibility. Driving over this bridge, you could only see the other cars and everything else was just solid looking walls of fog or mist. While this seems creepy in general, one thing pushed me over the edge. I saw a seagull suddenly appear out of the mist, fall across the bridge and disappear into the mist on the other side.

Why would this bother me? Well, maybe because the scariest horror movie to come out in years was:
If you have not seen this movie, you should. It is brilliant and scary without being gory or like those terrible torture-porn movies like "Saw." On the DVD you have a choice, you can watch it in color or black and white. Choose the black and white.

So I spent the whole drive over the bridge after seeing that seagull, gripping the steering wheel saying "It was just a movie."

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