Monday, November 24, 2008

I made it 11 and half months...

But the shakes never truly stopped, so I started my Netflix subscription back up. I can afford it and it'll help with the reruns that will be starting soon as we get closer to Christmas. If you are on Netflix, you can find me HERE and add me as a friend.

On my old blog back on Friendster, I would tell you what I was watching and give a short summary and a quick review. I figured I would continue doing that here as well. So the first DVDs I rented when I got it started back up were:

"Son of Rambow" (2007) Netflix description: Forbidden to watch TV or go to the movies by his ultrareligious parents, young Will (Bill Milner) gets a hold of a camera, and his mind blossoms in this nostalgic comedy. Set in 1980s Britain, the film tells the tale of the friendship that blossoms between Will and class bully Lee (Will Poulter) when the latter recruits Will to help him make a home movie inspired by Rambo: First Blood.

I highly recommend. A very cute movie and very well done. Shows how kid's imaginations can really run wild at times and that is sometimes a good thing.

"Layer Cake" (2004) Netflix description: A British drug dealer (Daniel Craig) who longs to ditch his illegal trade. But he can't do that without wrapping up just one more job involving a gargantuan stash of purloined ecstasy. The cache's original owners are after him as well, leaving him with no other choice but to run for his life while trying to make this one final deal a big success.

When they announced Daniel Craig as Bond, everyone said "Who?" and then they said to check out this movie and it would all make sense. I have been on a huge Bond kick lately, so I decided to check it out. Yep, had I seen when it came out, I wouldn't have questioned the casting at all. The plot is a bit complicated, but overall a solid British mobster film. Many twists and turns, but not surprising since this was an indy movie that premiered at Sundance. All in all, I recommend.

"Hitman" (2007) Netflix description: When a highly trained gun-for-hire known only as Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) gets entangled in a political takeover, he finds himself hunted by both Interpol and the Russian military. On the run, he tries to uncover who set him up while battling with newfound feelings for a beautiful woman. The globe-trotting action film, based on a video game, was shot on location in Bulgaria, South Africa, Istanbul, St. Petersburg and London.

This is based on a video game and I can say that it is the best movie based on a video game to date. However, that is not exactly a ringing endorsement. I will say that this is a perfectly average action movie. This is the baseline. It had a reasonable enough plot, good amount of action, doesn't try to do anything wacky with the effects, the acting was solid. It also had no extra anything - style, pizazz, reason to see it again, nothing quotable. Any action movies better than this can be considered good and anything worse is awful. It walks a fine line. Aside from that the only comments I have is that Dougray Scott is not ageing well and seeing Desmond from "Lost" with a Russian accent was weird. I would recommend it only to see how completely medium the movie is.

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