Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This year I'm not in the Halloween spirit. I'm not even trying with my costume. I figure I'll just wear my hockey jersey and no lipstick and go as a pit bull. (If I put lipstick on, then my costume instantly becomes a hockey mom.)

I'm going to my friend Linda's house and go trick-or-treating with her and her kid. I'll actually be experiencing it from the parent side of things. The kind where you stand and the curb and have them do all the work. Later when you "inspect" all the candy, you can take the pieces you like and call them "suspicious."

Should be fun. Although, her neighbor does the whole "light the night" thing which is the super-christian alternative to trick-or-treating. Ugh. Look the Christians took over all the other holidays from the pagans. Halloween was the only one that wasn't so easily knocked out of the way. They should just be grateful they got all the other ones. Besides the whole candy part was taken from the Christians. Originally, on All Saint's Day they would make mini-cakes and bring them to the neighbors. The pagans just switched it to candy and you had to go get it. Works for me.

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