Tuesday, September 9, 2008

While we're still here...

A Tuesday update on things.

I am still temping at Amazon. Might be for a bit, but have asked to see if they can find me another assignment that pays more and has a bit more meat to it. I feel wasted here. It took me a whole day and a half to catch on and my supervisor had me train two new people instead of trusting them with her own employees which she would fire if she could.

I'm waiting for the last stage of the 5 stage process to be scheduled. They have it narrowed down to 15 people and now it's a matter of personality. So the main person I would be working for needs to decide who he wants to actually meet with and then it's just a matter of clicking. We'll see. Temp agency has me up for about 5 different jobs. We'll see if any go through. They would last anywhere from 3-10 months.

I've taken some more pictures around Green Lake and posted them up on Facebook and on my winkflash.com account (fangirl is the login to see them). I'm looking forward to getting a better camera so I can sell some of my stuff and have a high enough resolution that I can make bigger pictures and hang them up.

Other than that not much is new except the Hadron Collider turns on tonight at midnight (Pacific) so we'll see if there is anything new after that. The Earth is falling! The Earth is falling!

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