Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving In...

So when we last spoke, dear readers, mom and I were in Green Lake at a Days Inn with a dead car battery.

We got up and decided to take a cab over to meet with the landlady to do the walk through. We got there early and I walked mom around the immediate area so she could see. It was too dark to see anything the night before when we drove by.

We got the walk through and keys at 8:30a. The apartment is on the end and is much bigger than the one I had seen. I wasn't sure if it had a dish washer or not and had mentally prepared myself to actually wash dishes. Thankfully, it does have a dish washer. However, it doesn't have air conditioning. I was a bit freaked, but remembered my friend Linda saying they turn their air on once maybe three times all year. I've had the doors up and a fan and that has been more than enough.

Afterward, we walked over to Friend's cafe for some breakfast before calling another cab to take us back to the Inn. I had "The Works" which was home potatoes, green onions, mushrooms, squash, spinach, veggie sausage topped with jack cheese and sour cream. It was as good as it sounded.

Once we got back at the Inn, we found someone to jump the car and we drove over and found a spot across the street. It was a no parking zone, but the only place to fit the car and trailer. I did end up getting a ticket, but it was worth $38 to park across the street rather than blocks away. I called U-Haul to see if I could rent a dolly and they said they only rent them with trucks. I explained I had a trailer and he said no and he didn't have any dollies anyway. So mom and emptied the truck all on our own. The building had an elevator so that helped and we made sure to take breaks so as not to wear ourselves out. The last thing to take was the mattress. We waited until we knew the fireman (my next door neighbors are the fire dept.) would be outside and then tried moving it. Our damsels in distress moves worked and two of them helped us get it on to the elevator.

Once everything was all done we decided to get rid of the trailer as soon as possible. A nice neighbor lady helped jump our car and we dropped it off. I was hungry and tired again which led to crankiness that was not helped by everyone honking at us as we tried to get the trailer back to it's U-Haul home. Once I got some food and a shower, I was in a much better mood. I feel bad for my mom for having to put up with that, but at least she has had tons of practice because I get this tendencies from my dad.

The next day we started unpacking the kitchen and bathroom since these were the easiest to do. My friend, Linda, came over with her daughter, Emily, and we walked over and had a nice lunch at Green Lake Bar and Grill. I had a steak and blue cheese salad which was great. Then Linda jumped our car and we headed to an Auto Zone.

There is only one Auto Zone in Seattle and it is in the middle of no where. We got a bit lost, but eventually found it. By this point the battery was bubbling and smelling of sulfur, good times. A very nice manager helped up by replacing the battery. The battery was the original one that came with the car and only had a 5 year warranty and it was now 6 and a half years old. When we put all that strain on the car, the battery gave out and decided it wouldn't even hold a charge. The new battery has been more than fine. I'm going to take her to the dealer to get an oil change and a check up soon.

Thus ends the unloading and car drama that ensued from my move and we can now focus on the more fun aspects like shopping and unpacking and the not as fun aspects of jump hunting.

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JK Hulon said...

Glad you made it up there safe and sound!