Thursday, March 13, 2008

TED: Pamelia Kurstin and the Theremin

As promised, I wanted to bring you the first of many videos from the TED Conference. This particular one is one of my favorites.

In 2002, Pamelia Kurstin performed at TED. Pamelia is known throughout the world for her theremin playing. Most people know this instrument from old sci-fi movies or from some random beach boy songs. However, you have never heard it played the way she plays it. It is simply breath taking to watch and hear her play. As she explains, it is a matter of controlling pitch and volume without actually touching anything. What I love most about this is to hear her speak in between songs. She is so focused and in such a deep concentration to play, she almost can't quite pull it together to form sentences and seems totally out of it. I hope you enjoy is as much as I do.

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