Thursday, March 20, 2008

Posing with Pictures: "Love, Life and Liquor"

In an effort to bring you, my dear readers, more content, I thought I would randomly choose some photos I've taken and show them off. I'll give a little backstory, make a little love and get down tonight.

All of the photos were shot on my pride and joy also known as a Canon Powershot S1. It's a point and shoot camera that has a zoom that just rocks my world.

"Love, Life and Liquor" was taken at The Derby in Hollywood at a friend's 30th birthday party. This perfect martini was delivered filled to the brim and I just had to take its picture. Megan, whose drink it was, reached for it and I said "don't move an inch" and then snapped this moment in time. This photo hasn't been color corrected yet, but I think it's just beautiful as is.

*In Artist/Snob Voice* I believe the martini symbolizes the perfect life full of luxury, richness and love. The menu symbolizes one's choices and paths. So this is saying that even though the person has the perfect life in their grasp, they still keep their options open and at the ready.

Apparently, if I ever want to have an art show I need to be able to talk like that when people ask about the photos. You're not supposed to say "I just thought it looked cool or I needed something red to hang in my living room that matches my couch." I guess art lovers like a little more BS with their art or at least from their artists.

I hope you enjoyed this first installment of "Posing With Pictures." Please leave comments on what you thought and make them as snobby or sincere as you like.

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